Research and studies

In addition to providing direct assistance to victims, NGO Atina organizes training and education for professionals from different areas as a special program unit, in order to strengthen the institutions and organizations to provide adequate support to identified victims of human trafficking. As a part of the process of strengthening the capacity of institutions and policy-making in this area, Atina participates in programs of research and analysis of the phenomenon of human trafficking, as well as in the formulation of possible mechanisms and policies of best practices in the field of social inclusion. 

Since its establishment, NGO Atina published a number of researches, studies that have dealt with not only the phenomenon of human trafficking, but also social inclusion, anti-discrimination. "Children on the Move - status and programs of support and protection of children on the move in the Republic of Serbia", "National Referral Mechanism for the victims of human trafficking", “Social inclusion of victims of human trafficking", "Protection of victims and prevention of trafficking in human beings" are just some of them. 

You can read all the publications, studies and researches carried out and published by NGO Atina on the following page: