Youth offices

Girls in Serbia – a voice that should be heard

During December 2018, NGO ATINA has continued with activities from the project “With and for girls” in cooperation with Youth Offices from Obrenovac, Jagodina, Novog Pazar, Kikinda and Vranje, though trainings/seminars/workshops on gender equality. The training was attended by high school girls interested in contributing to the improvement of position of girls and the promotion of gender equality in their respective communities with the support of Youth Offices. 


Terms of Reference for Expert writing researches on gender equality

Terms of Reference for Expert in data processing, analysis, and writing researches on gender equality, gender stereotypes, and reducing the risks of gender-based violence among the population of youth, with a specific emphasis on girls

Published on 9th August 2018

Project title: With and for Girls - Support to local Youth Offices to work on gender equality awareness raising