Terms of Reference for the monitoring and evaluation expert for programmes of protection of victims of human trafficking

Published on April 30th, 2018

Project title: Improving the monitoring and evaluation system for programmes of protection of victims of human trafficking


Within the program “Empowering women's organizations and movements in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro for fighting violence against women”, conducted by Trag Foundation, and related to strengthening organizational capacities of associations, NGO Atina received an opportunity to improve monitoring and evaluation system for the programmes of  protection of victims of human trafficking which it has been conducting in Serbia since 2003. Efforts of the Trag Foundation, as well as the project approved to NGO Atina, are financially supported by OAK Foundation.

Within the implementation of this project, Atina will develop a clear structure for monitoring and evaluation in its programmes and projects. All the project activities will be conducted in the period from May 16th to December 1st 2018.


During the creation of strategic plan, and especially during the audit process, NGO Atina’s employees assessed monitoring and evaluation as the most prominent weakness, i.e. a key priority for the organization to work on its improvement. During the ranking process, organization’s capacities for monitoring and evaluation within programs/projects, as well as monitoring and evaluation of organizational development, received lowest score. One of the main needs that was mapped is the creation of a unified system for monitoring and data collection, as well as employees’ orientation toward the implementation of procedures and project monitoring and evaluation. In this regard, this grant will provide a major change in this direction, aligning the central database and creating tools for interpretation and analysis of these data. New mechanisms should help the organization gather relevant data more easily, process it, and create a further platform for advocacy based on obtained and processed data.


The task of monitoring and evaluation expert for programmes of protection of victims of human trafficking should result in setting up a structure for monitoring and evaluation in Atina’s programs and projects. Namely, the following activities will be implemented in order to establish a monitoring and evaluation system:

1. Short analysis of existing procedures, project and program frameworks, and responsibilities of employees

1. Consultations with employees and beneficiaries. Consultations will provide information for further process, and enable data collection on existing practices related to monitoring and evaluation, and employees’ affinities.

2. Tools and instruments for development.

3. Orientation for Atina’s employees in order to provide understanding and set up monitoring and evaluation procedures.





Short analysis of existing procedures, project and program frameworks, and responsibilities of employees


Consultations with employees and beneficiaries (Creating a plan of further action)


Tools and instruments for development (Concretization of the creation of tools and instruments)


Orientation for Atina’s employees (A process that is taking place through consultations with the aim for all the employees to adopt new tools and implement them in full capacity)



NGO Atina will negotiate a number of days of engagement with the selected expert on the basis of the financial offer (gross amount) that will classify the following:


Activity description


Rate per day


Activity 1





Activity 2





Activity 3





Activity 4






*Add columns as needed depending on the number of activities required to perform the assignment

            Subtotal                                               Euro__________

            Other costs (specify)                           Euro__________

            TOTAL                                                Euro__________

The total cost should cover all preparatory work regarding data collection, communication costs between the Project team, experts and organization (email, telephone, fax, mail).




Interested experts should develop and submit the bidding proposal in English language to respond to above-mentioned specific tasks no later than April 20th, 2018. The bidding proposal should include:

1. Description and contact details of the expert applying;

2. A detailed Budget Proposal (in the required form);

3. CV of the expert involved emphasizing relevant experience;

4. Written sample of similar assignments.



Project team will make a decision on the selection of the most successful bidder, subject to the available budget, on the following four criteria:

    University degree in the relevant field;
    At least 3 years of relevant experience;
    Experience of the candidate in performing similar projects or programs;
    An example of previous work as a reference is desirable;



All bids must be submitted no later than 17:00 on May 14th, 2018 in electronic form to the email office@atina.org.rs. A selection will be made no later than May the 15th, 2018, and the selected experts will be contacted on the same day.

Only selected candidates will be informed.