Belgrade (dpa) - Organized crime - along with a variety of schemes exploiting vulnerable people - will be the main beneficiary of recent decisions to seal borders and keep migrants from crossing t

In Jordan, one in every four residents is a refugee, most of them Syrian. The vast majority do not live in camps, but in cities and villages, often surviving in deplorable conditions.

Dedicated activists of mobile teams work 24/7 at the border with Macedonia and Croatia - in the towns of Preševo and Šid, as well as in Belgrade - to provide necessary assistance to people on the road - women, men and children fleeing the war, atrocities and poverty.

Assistance to the refugees provided by the Association Atina goes beyond the standard humanitarian assistance.

Guidelines on Determining the Best Interest of the Child were created within the second phase of the project Setting an agenda for Child Oriented Social Reform, and its implemented with joint actions by NGO Atina, Save the children and Grupa 484, with the financial support of Europe Commission an

Child marriages represent a problematic practice in which a child forcibly enters into marriage with another child or with an adult. This phenomenon is characteristic in various communities in many countries, but, as a rule, primarily affects girls.

Belgrade - At the initiative of the Konrad-Adenauer Foundation, German foundations in Belgrade have, with the support of German Friendship Association, collected 1,500 euros and today this donation was handed over to NGO “Atina”, and is intended for the care of migrants and refugees in Belgrade.

We spent two hours talking with the scholarship students of Konrad Adenauer Foundation about the work of NGO Atina, refugee crisis and our work with refugees in the field.

As national and international organizations working along the Western Balkan migration route in Greece, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Serbia, and Croatia, we strongly condemn the latest discriminatory and dangerous measures adopted by European countries as part of a broader package o

Serbian citizens are invited to purchase jewellery made by NGO Atina’s beneficiaries, and thereby directly help victims of human trafficking.