Support to NGO Atina from the activists of Foundation Schüler Helfen Leben


During the month of September, we again had a privilege to meet with young activists from humanitarian organization Schüler Helfen Leben, and to, as always, look forward to their arrival, exchange of experiences and energy with them. Once again, SHL activists had the opportunity to learn about the activities NGO Atina’s mobile teams are implementing on the ground, with the aim of providing direct assistance and support to the most vulnerable among the refugee population, and about educational workshops that are being carried out in Roma settlements and shelters for children, and which are implemented with the financial assistance of SHL. They also visited our social enterprise Bagel Bejgl shop.

The programs SHL conducts, their ideas and mission greatly facilitate the lives of young people in Serbia, and that makes them special and needed in the whole territory of Balkans. SHL is currently implementing projects in the areas of youth work, education and reconciliation for children and youth in seven countries of Southeastern Europe. In Germany, they encourage citizens’ engagement, and inform them about the problems of young people in the Balkans.

Every year, Schüler Helfen Leben organizes Social Day, the largest youth campaign in Germany, during which students exchange their school environment for a business one for one day, and donate profits to SHL's projects designed for children and young people.

More about the work of Foundation Schüler Helfen Leben can be found via the link: