Bazaar "For the Brave”: Women migrants and refugees marked the International Women's Day in Bosilegrad

On the occasion of marking the International Women's Day together with girls and women accommodated in the reception center in Bosilegrad, a sales bazaar called "For the Brave" was organized, with the aim of promoting women's entrepreneurship, togetherness and solidarity, as well as accepting cultural differences. Girls and women refugees gathered in front of the Bosilegrad municipality building and invited citizens, activists, representatives of international organizations to send a message of courage and solidarity, acceptance of diversity and mutual support to all women and girls. The event was organized by Atina and Save the Children, which have been working for years to improve the position of "girls on the move", especially by providing direct assistance and support tailored to their needs. This event was held as part of the "Pippi of Today" project within the advocacy activities aimed at improving their position. The project is supported by the Swedish Save the Children and relies on ideas proclaimed by the most famous literary figure of the Swedish writer Astrid Lindgren - Pippi Longstocking.