Club "With and for girls" from Novi Pazar

Feminist social transformation: Appreciation of diversity, care for the community and continuous learning as postulates necessary for creating an equal society - Club "With and for girls" from Novi Pazar

"Women's reproductive health and obstetric violence are prevalent in Novi Pazar; we all know at least one woman or girl who’s had very unpleasant experiences," said Nikolina Ristović, representative of the club in Novi Pazar. In addition, the girls continuously contribute to promoting informal education, local activism and the involvement of young people in decision-making processes, applying the knowledge and skills acquired during the project. Having achieved cooperation with local youth organisations as well as with the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality, they opened the way for change and public dialogue on relevant topics necessary for the growth of their respective communities.

"We recognise respect for diversity, care for the community and continuous learning and development as postulates necessary to create a fairer society that is tailored to all of us, with a special emphasis on the needs of women and girls," added club representative Nikolina Ristović.

The club "With and for Girls" in Novi Pazar symbolised unity, gathering over 20 members from high schools and colleges. These inspiring girls share their free time by volunteering and actively contributing to the community and its development. Many have gained valuable volunteer experience through the local youth organisation "Svetionik".

The girls believe that fighting for women's rights is a constant and daily obligation, and they are ready to become part of this vital mission. Their passion for improving society is reflected through their active participation in various topics, campaigns and initiatives to empower and provide room for young women leaders.

Violence in the digital environment and its consequences for women and girls are among the priority topics club members plan to research and address. The club "With and for Girls" has become an inspiration and a driver of change in Novi Pazar, and these brave girls will work together to create a better future for all women and girls in Novi Pazar.

This news was created as part of the project "Initiative of young feminist advocates in Serbia", which has been implemented by the Citizens' Association Atina with the support of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Belgrade, in cooperation with the organisation Schüler Helfen Leben (SHL).