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Terms of Reference for the Monitoring and Evaluation Expert

Terms of Reference for the Monitoring and Evaluation Expert

Published on February 29, 2024

Within the Erasmus+ funded project “Sport Zajedno - Promoting Social Inclusion and Reconciliation through grassroots youth sport” the NGO Atina together with the fairplay initiative at VIDC (Vienna Institute for International Dialogue and Cooperation) is looking for an external evaluator

Project title: “SPORT ZAJEDNO - Promoting Social Inclusion and Reconciliation through Grassroots Youth Sport”

Project summary


ToR for a consultant to develop a brief aimed at showcasing the judicial cases of HT and GBV in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Published on December 14, 2023, by Atina – Citizens' Association for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings and All Forms of Violence against Women (i.e., NGO Atina)

Project title: Improving referrals and services for migrant and refugee survivors of gender-based violence and human trafficking in Serbia.


Trailblazing Advocates: Women on the Move Chronicles

The Advocacy Group represents a type of spice; when you prepare a meal and put the spice, the smell will be felt everywhere. When the organizations talked about our problems, I don't think anyone cared because they just said: okay, now you've shared it, and that's fine. But this Advocacy Group shows who the people behind the name "refugees" really are. They are smart, they are strong, they are empowered women who are behind that refugee label. ~ Christa, from the film “Women on the Move”


My life after revenge pornography

We need stricter sanctions and for the system to recognize revenge pornography as a separate criminal offense / Illustration: Freepik

After the report against the administrator of the Telegram group where intimate videos of girls were shared was dismissed, the question of why revenge pornography is not a criminal offense has been raised again. One of the victims talks about life after the published video.

Written by Nikolina Ilić