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Voice of America: Child marriages an issue for girls in Serbia as well

Girls in Serbia often suffer various forms of discrimination or gender-based violence, and the most drastic issue are child marriages, according to the nongovernmental organization "Atina".

A social worker from that organization, Andrijana Radoičić Nedeljković, told the Voice of America that girls face inequality almost from conception.


Exploited workers in Europe’s slaughterhouses

Meat factories in Europe have been exposed as one of the most infections hotspots for COVID-19. Researchers, journalists, and activists are concerned that this is related to exploitative working conditions, which were made worse by the pandemic. Inadequate housing and low wages in the leading European meat producing countries, such as Germany, are the likeliest explanation for the outbreaks.

“Deplorable” working, housing and employment conditions lead to outbreaks


NGO Atina is part of the newly-established SEE Digital Rights Network

Illustration: BIRN

Facing a rise in digital rights violations, more than a dozen rights organisations have agreed to work together to protect individuals and societies in Southeast Europe.

Nineteen organisations from Southeast Europe have joined forces in a newly-established network that aims to advance the protection of digital rights and address the growing challenges posed by the widespread use of advanced technologies in society.


Civil society and the media will not give up the fight for a democratic and free Serbia

The media and civil society organizations demand from the Ministry of Finance and the Administration for the Prevention of Money Laundering to immediately present the grounds for suspicion due to which they ordered the extraordinary collection of information about organizations, media, and individuals from the commercial banks.