Come to the march in Belgrade for women's rights, solidarity, and peace, March 8, 2022, 4-7PM


Belgrade march for women's rights, solidarity, and peace, March 8, 2022, 4−7PM

March 8 is the day when we stand up together and join the efforts and victories of brave women who have been leading the fight in this area for 111 years now. However, the fight for women's rights is not over, and this year, we stand in solidarity for women living in injustice, poverty and violence. That is why we invite all citizens to join us in the protest march for women's rights on Tuesday, March 8, at 4 pm, in front of the Student Cultural Center in Belgrade.


We are drawing the attention to women's labor rights, to the fact that, as women, we are hired in less paid positions, under less favorable conditions, and that we often fear losing our jobs. This is especially noticeable when it comes to single mothers, Roma women, women with disabilities, women from rural areas, lesbians, trans women, and other discriminated groups. While some European Union countries are reducing working day to 6 hours, factories in Serbia have extended it to 10 or 12 hours.

Endangering the environment has escalated in favor of the profit, under the guise of progress and creation of new job positions. The seizure of land, water, and air is being legalized. Women across Serbia have taken on a huge responsibility in the fight for a healthy environment through the organization of rallies and protests.

Today, another war is being fought on our continent, which is leading to another refugee crisis and destruction. The citizens of this region know who pays the highest price in war. That is why we express solidarity with the women and men of Ukraine, but also Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria... We appeal for a peaceful and sustainable solution to all these crises.

Violence against women, and in particular sexual harassment and blackmail at work, are still insufficiently reported and prosecuted. Violence against women in public space is escalating, and domestic violence is not subsiding. Women do not have the economic independence or the support of society and institutions to cope with it.


The pandemic has hit women harder than men. Responsibilities around children, the elderly and the sick, have again become (only) women's concerns. The burden of housework has increased dramatically, and women and men do not share it equally.

For all of these reasons, we invite you to the March 8 march.




  1. Civic Initiatives
  2. Alternative Girls' Center
  3. Ipak.Center
  4. Women's Association Peščanik
  5. BeFem
  7. Center for biopolitical education
  8. Organization for political ecology Polekol
  9. Initiative Pravo na vodu
  10. Political platform Solidarnost
  11. Obrenovac Youth Foundation
  12. Talas TIRV
  13. FemPlatz
  14. Center for Women's Studies
  15. Women's Leadership Academy
  16. Women's Platform for the Development of Serbia
  17. NGO Atina
  18. Association Fenomena
  19. Roma Center for women and children Daje
  20. Women's Center Užice
  21. Radio program Zvučna etnografija
  22. Centar za podršku ženama
  23. Citizens' Association Impuls
  24. Women's Solidarity
  25. Rebelled Readers
  26. Association Krokodil
  27. Uniquely Abled Center
  28. Modern skills Center
  29. Section of women SSSS for the city of Zrenjanin
  30. Syndicate Zastava Arms
  31. Vege community
  32. Reconstruction Women's Fund
  33. Belgrade Pride
  34. Social Center Oktobar
  35. AFŽ – Autonomous Festival of Women Novi Sad


... and morer than 50 independent activists