Girls on the move are Pippi Longstockings of the 21st century

Here you can see the winning posters from the competition “Pippi of Today” which was announced by organizations Atina and Save the Children to present girls on the move - bold, brave, persistent – Pippis of Today! The author of the poster is Lejla Jamakosmanović.

The competition was aimed at creating posters and slogans that communicate the values that Pippi Longstocking represents, as well as the situations in which girls on the move find themselves - all those girls who are forced to leave their homes, gather strength and courage to face challenges, and find hope and a way to a brighter future.

These posters found their way to the public with a clear message: "Let's make room for girls on the move to be the Pippi Longstockings of the 21st century, active, ambitious and rebellious; to learn, advocate and influence policies in their communities”.

About the project “Pippi of Today”

Two years ago, on the 75th anniversary of the creation of the character of one of the most famous and bravest girls in the world, Pippi Longstocking, the Pippi of Today initiative was launched by the international organization Save the Children and the Astrid Lindgren Company ,and focused it on girls on the move - all those girls who were forced to leave their homes, and not only to move to new cities, but also to new countries. They had to gather strength and courage to face challenges and find hope and a way to a brighter future. Girls on the move best embody Pippi Longstocking's core values ​​– strength, generosity, playfulness, creativity and courage.

Citizens Association Atina is an organization that has dedicated its twenty years of work to improving the position of women and girls, achieving gender equality through public advocacy, and implementing innovative support programs aimed at women who have experienced violence. Atina and Save the Children had 130 girls and young women on the move with the experience of violence in their focus of work, with the clear goal of their recovery and overcoming the consequences of violence. The work was aimed at creating a space for them to take an active role in actions and processes that concern their position and strengthen their advocacy ability to achieve their needs and goals. You can find more about the achievements of the project here.