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COUNCIL OF EUROPE REPORT: Child exploitation is the greatest challenge

The Council of Europe presented its new report on protecting refugee children from sexual exploitation and abuse which identified that the key challenges are data collection, victims’ identification and their protection. 

While there is no aggregated data available on the total number of children affected by refugee crisis in Europe, the European Network of Ombudspersons for Children assesses that in 2015 at least 337,000 children were registered as asylum seekers, 88,300 of whom were unaccompanied.


Labris, Crta, Atina and Serbian Cities Unify Against Discrimination

Labris and its partners, with support for the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) announce the launch of the project, “Jointly Against Discrimination”.  Over the next 12 months Labris, Atina (Citizens Association for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings and All Forms of Gender Base Violence), and the Centre for Research, Transparency and Accountability (CRTA) will strengthen municipalities and support


Moscow conference on the best practices and challenges in refugee crisis

In October Moscow hosted the international conference titled Current system of international humanitarian aid: the best practices and challenges. Marijana Savic, Director of NGO Atina participated in the conference to share our experiences related to the work with women and girls refugees and migrants, as well as our attitude about the importance of gender sensitive approach in humanitarian work. The conference was organized by Moscow State University for Foreign Affairs (MGIMO) and Oxfam-Moscow with the aim to advance knowledge related to the mechanisms of humanitarian assistance.


Swiss government supported NGO Atina in response to the refugee crisis

During 2015, more than 700,000 people passed through the Western Balkan countries in order to reach Europe and find refuge from the war. From the outset of the refugee crisis, NGO Atina has, through its field activities and programmes it carries out - Shelter for the victims of human trafficking - given its contribution in providing protection to the most vulnerable among them.


Child marriages in Serbia - Analysis and recommendations

Child marriages represent a problematic practice in which a child forcibly enters into marriage with another child or with an adult. This phenomenon is characteristic in various communities in many countries, but, as a rule, primarily affects girls. Although this practice in Serbia is present to a lesser extent than in some other areas, although it is prohibited and punishable, unfortunately, there are still thousands of children who, on an annual basis, enter into child marriages. In Serbia, this problem is particularly pronounced within the Roma community.


Donation for the refugees from Konrad-Adenauer Foundation

Belgrade - At the initiative of the Konrad-Adenauer Foundation, German foundations in Belgrade have, with the support of German Friendship Association, collected 1,500 euros and today this donation was handed over to NGO “Atina”, and is intended for the care of migrants and refugees in Belgrade.

Head of the Konrad-Adenauer Foundation office in Belgrade, Norbert Beckmann-Dierkes, said that at the moment the policy toward refugees in Europe is in “turbulent phase”.