Give your contribution to the World Day Against Trafficking in Persons

We invite you to join BLUE HEART campaign, and mark the World Day Against Trafficking in Persons. 

Last year, on July 30, World Day Against Trafficking in Persons was marked for the first time. Serbia was a part of this campaign and, through a series of events, gave its contribution to solving this burning issue. BLUE HEART became a symbol of solidarity with the victims of modern slavery around the world, and a call for all the states to give their best in fighting human trafficking and punishing the perpetrators of this serious offense. 

This year, on July 30 from 11 am to 13 pm (Serbian time), we will be gathering on social networks for a Twitter Q&A chat with our team – those who survived the situation of trafficking, members of peer support group, and professionals who provide direct support to the most vulnerable members of our society. We will gather on NGO Atina’s Twitter account @atinango - Communication will be conducted in Serbian and English, and all your questions and comments should include hashtag #plavosrce. 

Beneficiaries of our social inclusion program wish for their voices to be heard, and to be able to advocate for changes that will improve the future for all of us; and we who provide support, consider it very important that you give us your feedback and constructive suggestions for improving the system of protection of human trafficking victims in our country. 

We invite you to join this campaign: ask questions, tweet your support, or simply use that day to share and retweet Blue Heart logo( /design/Logos/World_TIP_Day_logo_EN.jpg), and thus give your own contribution to this topic. 

Thank you in advance, and we are looking forward to our joint venture. 

Together in the fight against human trafficking. 

Because it concerns us all. 

NGO Atina’s team