Support an important fight, buy jewellery! Give a chance!

sneško nakit Atina

Serbian citizens are invited to purchase jewellery made by NGO Atina’s beneficiaries, and thereby directly help victims of human trafficking.

One of the biggest challenges in assisting victims, after they have been safely relocated out of the situation of human trafficking, is their independence and reintegration into society. Most of them suffered cruel physical and emotional abuse, and were forced into gruelling work without any compensation, under extremely difficult and hazardous conditions. In order to recover and start a new life, beneficiaries of Atina’s support programme receive medical and legal assistance, psychosocial support and safe accommodation. However, after the psychological empowerment, they are inevitably left to their own devices again, without the resources and support of their family and friends. Then comes the hardest part of the recovery: allowing them to provide economic independence for themselves through their own work.

Jewellery workshops are one of the ways in which they can try to recover their independence. Within these workshops, jewellery is made through creative, therapeutic work but it also contributes to the economic empowerment of victims. Many of the girls have experienced situations of sexual or labour exploitation, and lived in extreme poverty. They come from different backgrounds, but they all have a common goal, to be happy and to make their life as fulfilling as possible.

It is for this reason that we developed the programme that gives victims an opportunity to make something useful with their own hands, and at the same time gives citizens a chance to purchase these unique products and do something good. Jewellery is unique, made of finest materials, with a lot of love and dedication. Citizens will, by participating in the campaign “I shape my own life” and buying handmade jewellery, allow the victims of human trafficking to get the chance that was taken away from them forcibly - a chance to start a life worthy of living.

Gallery of jewellery can be viewed at NGO Atina’s Facebook page: