Support to the most vulnerable in our society

With the support of the organization Schüler Helfen Leben, NGO Atina launched a series of 

activities in the field to psychologically and economically empower young women and girls 

who are at risk of various forms of exploitation. For now, we launched a cooperation with 

Center for Protection of Infants, Children and Youth in the Maternal home at Zvečanska Street 

and Home “Mose Pijade”, but also intensively work with girls and young women from the 

Roma settlement Reva.

Every week, NGO Atina’s professional workers hold workshops at the Maternal home to help 

prepare these young women and girls so that when they leave the home they are ready for a 

life that carries many obstacles and risks. One part of the work relates to their psychological 

empowerment by raising their self-esteem and working on themselves, while the other part 

relates to the economic empowerment through creating jewellery from clay and other finest 

materials. Girls and young women from the Roma settlement Reva are also included in these 

workshops, and we will soon include young people from the Institute for Education of 

Children and Adolescents “Vasa Stajić”.

In order to become independent and strong, they need constant support they now have with the 

help of the program which will last for two years, and which several times during the week 

organizes workshops not only for the purpose of psychological and economic empowerment, 

but also to provide support they have not had until now.