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RED NOSES International with children displaced from Ukraine

Clowns are the richest people in the world; they earn thousands of smiles in their lifetime. ~ Unknown author

RED NOSES International visited the Reintegration Center run by NGO Atina, and then they delighted children from Ukraine at the Asylum Center in Vranje. The visit was realized in the period April 21-25, 2022 with the support of Save the Children North West Balkans.


Making Constellations Out of Stars: the IRC in Serbia

In the last few days I have met a new phalanx of Heroes. Traveling through Serbia with the International Rescue Committee, we followed the refugee route from Presevo (Macedonian border) to Belgrade and up to Sid (Croatian border). Along the way I met with the partners of the IRC aid network - in my experience with international aid (which is admittedly neither unbiased nor vast) a new paradigm has evolved in Serbia due partly to the ingenuity of the IRC leadership teams and partly due to Serbia's unique history.


One third of refugees – children

Belgrade -- more vulnerable than adults, exposed to smugglers and violence, and they do not know how to protect themselves - children make up a third of the refugees seeking their way to Europe.

The most vulnerable among them are those who are travelling without their parents, usually in a group of peers or accompanied by unknown people.