The work on forming local networks for monitoring and advocacy began

During the past two months, Association Atina has worked hard on forming local networks, together with its partners from Subotica, Sid, Sremska Mitrovica, Vranje, Presevo, and Belgrade, and within the project "Building Together - Community Monitoring and Advocacy". Meetings were held with the representatives of local institutions, bodies, and civil society organizations who are dealing with the issue of refugees.

Production companies for filming documentaries within the project "Building Together" have been selected

The ad for hiring a production company for filming a documentary within the project "Building Together" was answered by a total of 16 candidates. After a careful selection process, two of the applicants have been chosen – production companies Osmougao and EAI, which will receive funds and support for filming the proposed documentaries from the organizations implementing the project.


This is why migrants are living on the streets in arctic cold in Serbia

Lack of space in government facilities and fear of illegal deportations keep people out in freezing winter conditions

Up to 2000 refugees and other migrants are living on the streets in Serbia, risking their lives under appalling conditions in arctic temperatures. There are not sufficient places in government sites, and many people also fear illegal deportations by Serbian authorities. Oxfam is on the ground, working with local partners to distribute warm clothes and other essential items to migrants so they can stay warm and survive.