A series of trainings on monitoring completed in Presevo

Representatives of state institutions, local government, and civil society organizations completed the training on monitoring that was held in Presevo on the last day on November and the first day of December. These 12 colleagues are members of the informal network for monitoring and advocacy that has been created for a mutual goal - to improve the position of refugees and migrants in Presevo, and the quality of coexistence in this town.


Local support for the most vulnerable refugees

Within the project “Local support for the most vulnerable refugees”, which is implemented by the Association Atina in cooperation with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), on April 14 2016 a meeting was held in Vranje with representatives of relevant institutions and organisations from Vranje and Preševo, i.e. actors who are involved in solving the problem of refugee crisis and providing assistance and support to the most vulnerable among them - those who have experienced human trafficking and gender-based violence.