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Trailblazing Advocates: Women on the Move Chronicles

The Advocacy Group represents a type of spice; when you prepare a meal and put the spice, the smell will be felt everywhere. When the organizations talked about our problems, I don't think anyone cared because they just said: okay, now you've shared it, and that's fine. But this Advocacy Group shows who the people behind the name "refugees" really are. They are smart, they are strong, they are empowered women who are behind that refugee label. ~ Christa, from the film “Women on the Move”


Free Europe - 'I thought a thousand time – I wish I were born as a boy'

All over the world, from Belgrade, Zagreb, Paris, New York to Tehran, women are raising their voices. Because of the death of a young woman in Iran, because of the interview with the rapist in Serbia, because of femicide, support to women and solidarity with those who are demanding their basic rights. Below you can hear their stories.




Subotica: Roundtable on the topic of risks and dangers from human trafficking

Photo: RTV (Kristijan Takač)

Refuge brings numerous challenges and dangers, with women and children being most at risk on that journey into the unknown. Passing through different countries whose language they do not speak, where they meet strangers every day, makes the refugee population particularly vulnerable.