Terms of Reference For Experts for developing training program on advocacy and training implementation

Published on May 2nd, 2017


Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS) in partnership with the Association Atina (Serbia) and the Macedonia Lawyers Association (MLA) started with implementation of the project Building Together: Community Monitoring and Advocacy which is financially supported by the European Union. The overall objective of the project is to improve the position of refugees and other migrants, especially children and women in local communities in Serbia and Macedonia. During the project KAS, ATINA and MLA will develop participatory community-based mechanisms for continuous monitoring and advocating for the implementation of effective integration and protection policies and services for migrants, especially women and children.

The expected outcomes of the projects are that: Local Monitoring and Advocacy Networks are able to monitor local policies and protection practices in regards to integration of migrants; Local policies and services for migrants (especially children and women) are improved; similar initiatives gathering CSOs and institutions are implemented in Macedonia, Serbia and the region.


The Experts for developing training program on advocacy and training implementation will be responsible for implementing capacity development needs assessment in the area of local public advocacy with the members of the Local Networks for monitoring and advocacy in 6 municipalities in Serbia. In addition to this, experts should develop adequate training program on advocacy and implement the trainings for the Local Networks. Program should be based on the needs assessment as well as other project products – analysis of the position of migrants in Serbia, monitoring methodology, etc.

The training curricula will be used for increasing the capacities of six Local Networks in Serbia consisted of representatives of community-based CSOs, centres for social work, educational and health institutions, police units, local self-governments, etc.

In addition, the experts should implement 2-day training on advocacy in 6 municipalities in Serbia.

Specific tasks:

  1. Work closely with the Expert Team and the Lead Expert in developing training program on advocacy
  2. Developing needs assessment methodology;
  3. Implementing capacity building needs assessment in the area of public advocacy with the members of 6 Local Networks in Serbia;
  4. Develop two-day training program on advocacy taking into account the local circumstances and political frameworks in the field of migrants and refugees, as well as needs assessment. Program should include:
    1. Baseline information – results of the needs assessment, including description of methodology;
    2. Training program goals and objectives, agenda, materials, description of methods, scenario, presentation, etc.
    3. Evaluation form
  5. Implement two-day trainings with the Local Networks in 6 municipalities in Serbia;
  6. Develop report from the training, including participants’ evaluation and self-reflection on the improvements in knowledge and skills in advocacy.


The curricula should take into account participatory training practices, with maximum involvement and interaction of all participants. It should contain both – theoretical as well as practical group work. It should provide necessary expertise advocating for improving position of migrants, but also, for developing of adequate services for integration of migrants and specifically, the most vulnerable refugees – women and children, and therefore, allow for a shift in community organizing and policy making.


  • A minimum of 5 years of experience with a proven professional record in working in the field of developing training methodologies and training implementation;
  • Excellent knowledge of the national and local policies concerning human rights, migrants’ and refugees’ protection. Specific knowledge on gender sensitive and age appropriate assistance will be considered as an asset;
  • Experience in developing and delivering interactive and innovative training approaches engaging grassroots communities
  • Experience in creating and implementing advocacy activities and campaigns


The assignment should take place from 15 May to 31 December 2017





Developing methodology for needs assessment


Submitting I draft of methodology


Submitting final methodology


Implementing needs assessment


Submitting I draft of the training program


Summiting final version of the training program


Implementing trainings


Submitting final report












Interested consultant/team should develop and submit the bidding proposal in English language to respond to above mentioned specific tasks no later than 12 May 2017. The bidding proposal should include:

1. CV of experts involved emphasizing relevant experience, description of previous similar work, including at least references from previous clients;

2. A clear description of the approach and the assessment methodology, as well as brief description of training program;

3. A detailed Budget Proposal;

4. Writing samples of previous training methodologies and/or programs.



The selection process will be based on the following evaluation criteria:

1. Brief presentation of the experts and the experience in similar activities: description of previous work, samples of previous methodologies done; 3. Proposed methodology and approach4. Relevance of biography (area of interest, years of experience)

4. Financial proposal


The consultant/team will work closely with the Project co-manager and project assistant from Atina. It is the responsibility of the experts to ensure timely and quality reporting for each phase and deliverable in the assignment. Reports should be sent via email to mirko.rudic@atina.org.rs


All bids need to be submitted no later than 12 May 2017, at 17:00h in electronic version, to the email miro.rudic@atina.org.rs. A selection will be made no later than 13 May, 2017 and the selected consultant will be contracted no later than 15 May, 2017.

Only short listed consultants/teams will be contacted.