Violence against women and girls in Serbia - Between obligations and reality


VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN AND GIRLS IN SERBIA - Between obligations and reality

The Gender Equality Coordination Body and United Nations Development Programme organized a National debate Violence against women and girls in Serbia - between obligations and reality: Do we need a strategic approach?  Owing to the support that NGO Atina gives to the migrant women and represents their interests, Jelena Hrnjak, representative of Atina took part in the panel  “No-one to be left behind - the position of women from vulnerable groups who survived violence and their approach to the protection mechanisms”.

In attendance where the key government institution stakeholders, independent bodies, women’s NGOs that represent rights and interests of women who are victims of violence and human trafficking, as well as media and international organisations’ representatives.

The aim of this conference was to open the debate on the following issues:

Are the existing international conventions and normative framework sufficient for protecting women and girls from domestic and partner violence?

What has been achieved, and what are the key challenges in implementing the policies of prevention and protection against domestic and partner violence? Which factors contribute to accomplishing  envisaged goals?

The voices of women who have survived violence - how to provide better support and protection? How to leave no one behind? How does the normative framework actually protect vulnerable goup women?

Do we need a strategic approach in the matter of violence against women?

The Conference was held May 21th, 2018 in the premises of the United Nations. Recommendations from the Conference can be found via the following attachment: