Blic News "Unbreakable! Can Mira Trailovic be an example to women today?"

UNBREAKABLE! Can Mira Trailovic be an example to women today?

Tatjana Njezic  March 7, 2019 17:00

She managed to achieve her goals with elegance and smile among all those men in power. Only she knew how much it all had cost her, said Svetlana-Ceca Bojkovic.

In the late afternoon of March 5, in Bitef theater, a panel discussion on Mira Trailovic and the position of a contemporary woman today was organized by the US Embassy in Belgrade.

In his opening remarks, the US Ambassador to Serbia, His Excellency Kyle Scott, said, "Mira Trailovic was an innovator and someone who strived to spread the horizons of her people through the art of drama. (…) She came up with a scandalous idea to bring the American musical 'Hair' in Belgrade 50 years ago. She represented a living foundation for the cultural bridge that has brought our two countries together. She is an epitome of the freedom of spirit."

He also noted that Women's Day in the US is not marked only on March 8, that an entire month is dedicated to women, mentioning several women who left their mark in history and who connected America and Serbia.

A short video on Mira Trailovic "You are the world" was shown, and Svetlana-Ceca Bojkovic, among other things, said:

- She was simply fascinating. She was bringing the world here, and taking us out into the world. Capable, energetic, ahead of her times. She proudly carried herself and her feminine attributes. She managed to achieve her goals with elegance and smile among all those men in power. Sensitive and sensible, she was unbreakable, and only she knew how much it all had cost her. It was not easy to take the steps she did. She was into new, modern, avant-garde, while whole-heartedly embracing tradition. She was a polyglot, and Mihiz would say that Mira can even speak the languages she does not know, and communicate well with her conversers - said Ceca Bojkovic, paraphrazing Mira’s words that she would be happy when her successors outdo her with their quality.

On the position of women (today and here) spoke Brankica Jankovic, Commissioner for the Protection of Equality, Sanja Popovic Pantic, president of the Association of Business Women in Serbia, and Marijana Savic, founder of NGO Atina. However, no one even mentioned the Labour Law as the key determinant of life conditions, nor what (despised) socialism did for a woman and her position, what has been defeated and ruined, and what we can only dream of today.

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