British politicians and delegates visited NGO Atina and Bagel shop

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Two British politicians and former MPs, Anthony Steen and John Randall, visited the countries of Western Balkans, including Serbia, at the end of June.

During their visit to Serbia and Belgrade, they met with representatives of NGO Atina and National Coordinator for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings in Serbia, Mitar Đurašković, in Bagel Bejgl shop to exchange experiences in combating trafficking in human beings, views on current global trends following this issue, national and international legislation in this area, as well as current situation of refuge and risks of human trafficking.

As a former British MP, Mr. Steen formed a parliamentary group to combat human trafficking, and later became a special representative of the Minister of Internal Affairs of Great Britain for trafficking issues. Based on years of experience, British Human Trafficking Foundation was also established with Mr. Steen as its president. Their idea was to form a parliamentary group in the Serbian Parliament, which would particularly deal with combating human trafficking.

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