Israeli Ambassador in the visit to NGO Atina and Bagel Bejgl shop

Atina and Bagel Bejgl gained new allies in the fight for an equal society, Alona Fisher-Kamm, Ambassador of the State of Israel to the Republic of Serbia, and Rina Bar-Tal, President of the Israel Women's Network.

They visited Atina and Bagel Bejgl shop on Friday, June 30, 2017. The meeting was held in a pleasant atmosphere, with the exchange and understanding of the position of women, and things that must be done to achieve gender equality, but also to provide equal opportunities for all the women in society.

On that occasion, our guests became closely acquainted with the work of our organization, accomplishments, as well as challenges Atina has been facing. Special attention was dedicated to the position of women in Serbia, as one of the burning issues currently, but also as an area that is quite familiar to Rina Bar-Tal. She has an invaluable experience in finding ways and solutions for women and girls to receive what they want and need, and in the implementation of feminist perspective, regardless of the place and time women are working and living in.

Alona Fisher-Kamm has an enviable experience in the field of foreign affairs, and prior to her engagement in Serbia, she worked with the Embassies of Israel in Buenos Aires, Paris and Madrid, was the First Secretary of the Latin American Department, as well as the Head of the Training Bureau. Her dedication is obvious, as is her determination to devote time to all the matters of importance to society, and especially to women. On the other hand, Rina Bar-Tal, during the largest part of her career, dealt with topics close to Atina’s focus. In addition to her current position she has held for nearly two decades, Rina also holds lectures on violence against women, gender perspective, the role of women in politics, and education.

Our guests enjoyed in their visit to Bagel Bejgl shop, welcomed Atina’s efforts in the area of social entrepreneurship, and we are more than grateful for the privilege of visiting us, and the productive exchange of ideas we had with them.

Photographs made during the visit can be found here: