NGO Atina at the Training of the Centre for the Cooperation in the Mediterranean and Red Cross of Serbia

NGO Atina gave its contribution to the International Training of Trainers in prevention and response to the challenges of human trafficking, which was organized by the Red Cross of Serbia and Centre for the Cooperation in the Mediterranean, by presenting its work and experience in the field of protecting women and children migrants and refugees, as well as recognizing victims of human trafficking and gender-based violence among this population.

The Training was attended by more than 50 participants from all around the Mediterranean, who were particularly interested in the refugee crisis, and the way in which support is being provided in practice to persons who survived human trafficking, especially among the refugee population.

NGO Atina’s representative presented direct work to the participants, through examples from practice which have shown the importance of cooperation among all the actors in the fight against human trafficking, but also pointed out the challenges in work.

This event was of particular importance for networking all the Mediterranean actors, exchanging experiences with young activists, and improving the knowledge of all the participants.