integrated response to violence against women and girls

Canvas painting as a symbolic support to women

KIKINDA – Within the project "Support to Women", at Kikinda city square a public activity of a huge canvas painting has been organized, as a symbolic support to women.

The idea of activists was to engage the citizens of Kikinda of all generations in this painting.

Painting is part of the project "With and For Girls", which is jointly realized by the Citizens’ Association "Atina" from Belgrade and the Youth Office from Kikinda. By the end of April, as announced, several similar activities will be organized in Kikinda.  


"With and For Girls" in Kikinda

“With and For Girls"

At the city square in Kikinda, a public action took place yesterday within the project “With and For Girls’’, which is being implemented by Citizens’ Association Atina from Belgrade and Youth Office from Kikinda. Members of the Youth Office, as well as the citizens, painted the canvas in different colors and in that way showed their symbolic support to women.

This action was also joined by the citizens who wanted to leave a creative message, or give support to their loved ones: