social enterprise Bagel Bejgl shop

Bagel Bejgl at the Social Innovators Conference

On October 2, 2017, the second Social Innovators Conference was held in Skopje, hosted by Social Impact Lab and Association Public. This Conference was inspired by the idea that social innovation can bring positive inspiration and transformation to a community. Many important actors from the region participated in the panel discussion, including State Secretary of the Republic of Slovenia, Tadej Slapnik, and the president of Global Social Entrepreneurship Network (GSEN) Krisztina Tora.


Bagel Bejgl celebrated first birthday

With the sounds of the saxophone and New York jazz, and many guests, NGO Atina celebrated one year since the establishment of social enterprise Bagel Bejgl shop.

Our dear friends, who have supported the initiative to establish Bagel Bejgl shop from the outset, joined the birthday celebration, along with numerous donors and representatives of various national and international institutions and organisations, neighbours and loyal customers and fans of bagel.