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Hrnjak Jelena: The problems for victims of violence will only begin after the pandemic calms

The pandemic has shown that life of a woman, victim of violence, is in many ways reminiscent of a permanent state of emergency due to various factors, and the problems will only begin after the pandemic calms, said Jelena Hrnjak, Programme Manager of Citizens' Association Atina, at the roundtable “The Impact of COVID-19 on the Social Inclusion of Vulnerable Groups".


TRANSITION HOUSE – the life within life

Today, March 8, 2018, in the light of the announcement that NGO Atina has become licensed to provide the service of assisted housing intended for girls and women - victims of human trafficking and various forms of exploitation, we would like to present the program of Transition House through the lense of our beneficiaries, partners and Atina's activists involved in this program on daily basis.


Atina learns about the integration of refugees/migrants in the Council of Europe summer school

The summer school “Young refugees as actors for social inclusion and intercultural dialogue” was organized with the support of the Council of Europe Youth Department, Global Platform for Syrian Students, Kiron Open Higher Education for Refugees, and Voice of Young Refugees in Europe. The course was held at the end of August 2017, at the University of Minho in Braga, Portugal, and brought together more than 60 young refugees from Europe, students in forced mobility, and activists who are providing direct support to refugees.