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The Association “Atina” is a women's feminist organization, founded in 2003 in Belgrade with the intent to upgrade the fight against human trafficking and all forms of gender-based violence, improve the protection and position of victims, strengthen gender equality and contribute to wider social cohesion.


Empowering women through social entrepreneurship

Ilustration by: Marija Matić Dobre brlje

Women are more likely to be social entrepreneurs and they often do so for much more than just financial reasons. Often, women also decide to create social enterprises in order to support other women. So, how can social entrepreneurship economically empower women and girls across the world?

Social enterprises are by women for women


What a woman should do, is allowed to do, and can do


What a woman should do, is allowed to do, and can do

Marija DEDIC | January 17, 2019 11:24 

Attitudes of girls in Serbia on the position of women in society: Almost every other surveyor thinks a woman is completely accomplished only when she becomes a mother, while 81 percent of them believe that a mother should sacrifice for her children.


Terms of Reference for Expert writing researches on gender equality

Terms of Reference for Expert in data processing, analysis, and writing researches on gender equality, gender stereotypes, and reducing the risks of gender-based violence among the population of youth, with a specific emphasis on girls

Published on 9th August 2018

Project title: With and for Girls - Support to local Youth Offices to work on gender equality awareness raising