Women against Violence Network

NGO Atina: Women victims of trafficking at high risk of femicide

Despite numerous campaigns aimed at its suppression, human trafficking still represents one of the greatest issues of not only Serbia, but the whole world. Speaking of her experience in dealing with women who survived human trafficking, Sanja Kandic from “Atina” points out that they had previously been victims of violence, and that they were not recognized by the system at all. “Consequently, this leads to the fact that, as victims, they are invisible which means that the femicide itself is invisible.


The state must react and protect victims of domestic violence!

The Network of Organizations for Children of Serbia and the Women against Violence Network have sent Recommendations for improving systemic measures in the field of prevention and protection against domestic violence to the Ministry of Labor, Employment, Social and Veteran Affairs, Ministry of Justice, and Ministry of the Interior. The immediate cause for the creation of these recommendations have been cases in which, during the month of July, two women and one child were murdered in Centers for Social Work.


Solidarity with the call for an International Action Day Against Feminicide of Yazidi Women

Belgrade, 3/8/2016 - With today’s action at the Republic Square, Women against Violence Network joined the call of the Free Women’s Congress from Kurdistan to declare August 3 as the International Action Day Against Feminicide of Yazidi Women. We, thus, called on United Nations to, in addition to the recognised genocide, recognise systemic feminicide that is being committed against Yazidi women in Sinjar by Islamic State.