In the photo: Famous Serbian basketball player Vlade Divac

Human trafficking is one of the most serious human rights violations of our modern world that brings high profits to traffickers through the acquisition and exploitation of human beings by improper means such

Citizens’ Association Atina is the winner of the prestigious award (Global Catalyst Award), assigned by the American Global Fund for Children, for its contribution to working with children victims of human tr

More than 60,000 people have crossed the Serbia­Hungary border this year, in search of better lives. Mark MacKinnon reports on the second wave of a humanitarian crisis.

Since the beginning of the year, 10.851 person seeked asylum in Serbia, which is twice as much as in the previous year, said the director of NGO "Atina", Marijana Savić.

Bagel Бејгл shop is a social enterprise established by NGO Atina - an organization that, since 2003, has advocated for the rights of victims of human trafficking and other forms of exploitation.