Response to the increasing digital violence against women and girls

Protecting the right to privacy and data confidentiality of victims of human trafficking

No excuses, Srbia’s urgent response to the case of workers from Vietnam needed

Sexual violence in Serbia: Vicious cycle of distrust towards women and tacit approval of rape

An example of minimum sentence of 3 years of imprisonment for the man who last year attempted to rape a woman in his apartment in Novi Sad, says a lot about the penalties in Serbia.

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Girls on the move are among the bravest and strongest girls in the world

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Child Rights Centre and NGO Atina Begin Implementing the Project “Empowering Children to Recognise and Report Trafficking in Human Beings in the Republic of Serbia”

Girls and women are the most common victims of human trafficking
Vojvodjanski • Vojvodjanski • November 3, 2021 • 13:05 • 
Andrijana Radoicic Nedeljkovic

Underage girls most common targets