BETA: Child migrants passing through Serbia at risk of becoming human trafficking victims

Child migrants and refugees who are passing through Serbia are facing a great risk of becoming human trafficking victims, as marked at the conference "Children are not for sale" that focused on risks of human trafficking for the purpose of sexual and other forms of exploitation of children and young refugees and migrants. As noted in the announcement, the best way to reduce the risk and to counter human trafficking as a society is to build trust with children in the support system in Serbia, and improve communication among institutions, organizations and individuals who are part of the protection network, as well as to enhance communication with refugees and migrants.

It was also remarked that human trafficking is second most profitable branch of organized crime; tens of thousands of children have gone missing along the migrant route, many of whom have likely ended up in sex trafficking.  

Participants have also marked that combating child trafficking is of great importance for Serbia, particularly in the context of EU accession strategy. To that end, Serbia has been working on a sustainable solution to enhancing the protection of child migrants and refugees, having achieved significant results thanks to the cooperation with nongovernmental organizations.

The purpose of the project is to decrease the risk of human trafficking for the purpose of sexual and other forms of exploitation of children and youth refugees and migrants in Serbia, by improving early detection of cases, referral systems and awareness raising, and contribute to potential victims, as well as those at an increased risk, having a chance to exercise their right to protection and support.

Conference hosts were organization Save the Children and Citizens’ Association for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings and all Forms of Violence Against Women "Atina".

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