Support to the improvement of migration and asylum management in Serbia

Representative of NGO Atina, Jelena Hrnjak, was a panelist at the event organized by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) titled “Strengthening the capacities of actors to improve the level of protection of migrants in everyday practice”. Other speakers at the panel were representative of the Commissariat for Refugees and Migration, Svetlana Velimirovic, representative of UNHCR, John Andrew Young, Vesna Dejanovic from UNICEF, Emilija Joksic from the Asylum Office of the MoI of Serbia, and Miroslava Jelacic, representative of NGO Group 484.

Panel discussion was organized within the activities aimed at empowering professionals to provide more significant support to migrants, especially in the area of rights’ protection, providing an insight into the perspectives of different actors on the obstacles and challenges they are facing in the process of service provision. Consultations gathered a wide range of experts who considered both the challenges and examples of good practice in the development of policies and services related to the protection of migrants and non-discrimination.

The discussion was carried out on three topics, through defining vulnerabilities of migrants, panelists spoke about approaches and resources in identification and referral/provision of services; improving protection, challenges and solutions in the implementation of policies, as well as strengthening inter-sectoral cooperation and raising referral capacities. In addition to speakers, the audience also had an opportunity to actively participate in the discussion.

NGO Atina’s representative, Jelena Hrnjak, emphasized the definition of vulnerability from the perspective of the organization itself and its focus, which is the protection of victims of gender-based violence and human trafficking. She clarified Atina’s approach to work through overcoming challenges and activities based on assessments created for each individual, through a non-judgmental approach, as well as a creation of zero tolerance for violence in the society, with a particular focus on women and children migrants and refugees.

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