gender-based violence

Okruženje - Jelena Hrnjak, Belgrade: The loudest voices are the ones justifying violence

A threat is violence in itself, and it must be treated that way. It is also necessary to develop society consciousness that violence is unacceptable, including the social responsibility of reporting it. Children should be spoken to on these topics as early as elementary school, especially boys, who should be ‘equally repelled by rape as by cannibalism’.


Voice of America: Child marriages an issue for girls in Serbia as well

Girls in Serbia often suffer various forms of discrimination or gender-based violence, and the most drastic issue are child marriages, according to the nongovernmental organization "Atina".

A social worker from that organization, Andrijana Radoičić Nedeljković, told the Voice of America that girls face inequality almost from conception.


Recommendations of women victims of gender-based violence and human trafficking to improve support systems and services

1. Victims must be informed of all their rights and informed in a timely manner of all services and the functioning of the entire support mechanism and the clear mandates of all actors involved, in a way that is clear and understandable to them.
2. It is necessary to establish the entire support mechanism on the needs of the victim and respect the full participation of the victim, for the support system to be centered on the victim, to move from "work for the victim" to "work with the victim". Not only to be asked but also to be heard.


"Isolation did not push us backward, it showed us where we are now!"

When faced with any crisis, fear and anxiety are inevitable, they are normal and natural responses to situations of danger and uncertainty. It is quite easy to get lost in worrying and thinking about different things that we cannot influence, what awaits us in the future, how the virus will affect our loved ones, our community, country or world, what will happen next. And while it is perfectly normal to get lost in such worries and thoughts it is neither useful nor can it help us in any way.


Breakthrough Council members: As long as a single woman in Serbia suffers violence, our voice must be heard

Working for almost two decades on developing direct support programs for girls and women who have experienced gender-based violence and human trafficking, the key principle that Atina's team is guided by in its work is the principle of full and comprehensive participation. Atina's basic starting point is to create program activities according to the requirements and needs of each girl and woman who is a part of her.