Child marriages represent a problematic practice within which a child forcibly enters into a marriage union with another child or with an adult. This phenomenon is characteristic of various communities in many countries, but, as a rule, primarily affects girls. Although in Serbia this practice is present to a lesser extent, compared to some other areas, and although it is prohibited and punishable, unfortunately, there are still thousands of children who, on an annual basis, enter into child marriages. In Serbia, this problem is particularly pronounced among the Roma community.


NVO Atina - Conquering Freedom

Video "Winning freedom" was created as a part of the project NGO Atina implemented with support of Oxfam International. "Winning Freedom" is the visualization of sincere letters written by women refugees and migrants in Serbia, who were given a chance to make their voice heard for the first time. They have freely wrote about fears and anxieties, experiences they had survived during their journey, concerns, wishes and uncertain future. Generous support in creating of this story was provided by and New moment.


Children and young people's perspectives on reintegration

An inter-agency project was established in 2012 to develop a joint monitoring and evaluation (M&E) toolkit for organisations working with reintegrated children. As part of the wider project, consultations with 89 reintegrated children and young people were held in June and July 2013 by nine Partner Organisations in seven countries in Eastern Europe and East and West Africa.