NGO Atina

NGO Atina at the Training of the Centre for the Cooperation in the Mediterranean and Red Cross of Serbia

NGO Atina gave its contribution to the International Training of Trainers in prevention and response to the challenges of human trafficking, which was organized by the Red Cross of Serbia and Centre for the Cooperation in the Mediterranean, by presenting its work and experience in the field of protecting women and children migrants and refugees, as well as recognizing victims of human trafficking and gender-based violence among this population.


NGO Atina at 4th International Youth Forum of the European Center for Peace and Development

The topic of the 4th International ECPD Youth Forum was Culture of Peace, with a special focus on the refugee crisis and the youth. The Forum gathered young professionals from several European countries, who had an opportunity to share their experiences in work with refugees, gain new knowledge, but also forge partnerships and friendships.


Have a heart for the victims of human trafficking

Citizens' Association Atina invites you to join BLUE HEART Campaign and mark July 30, World Day against Trafficking in Persons. On this occasion, on Zemun quay (near the restaurant ‘Venecija’) from 10am to 8pm, NGO Atina will exhibit unique handmade jewelry, which is created by the beneficiaries of Atina’s program. By purchasing this jewelry, you are helping victims of human trafficking, girls and women, gain self-respect, hope and the ability to create again.


NGO Atina attends Duchess of Cornwall's Domestic Abuse Awareness reception

LONDON - UK- 14th July 2016: HRH the Duchess of Cornwall hosts a reception in the gardens of Clarence House in London for survivors of domestic abuse, those working in the field and those trying to raise awareness of the issue.

The Duchess of Cornwall has urged people to “pull back the shroud of silence” that surrounds domestic violence. She spoke out as she was joined by celebrity campaigners Sir Patrick Stewart, Julie Walters, Alesha Dixon and Jamelia Davis.


Marijana Savić - woman of the month in Elle magazine

Marijana Savić is a directress of NGO Atina, who has been dedicated to fight against human trafficking and protection of human rights for more than 16 years now. In 2015, they received With and For Girls Award, which is awarded to the most prominent fighters for women’s rights across the globe, as well as the American Global Catalyst award. Through various actions and projects, Marijana provides assistance and support to girls and women, victims of violence and human trafficking.