Canvas painting as a symbolic support to women

KIKINDA – Within the project "Support to Women", at Kikinda city square a public activity of a huge canvas painting has been organized, as a symbolic support to women.

The idea of activists was to engage the citizens of Kikinda of all generations in this painting.

Painting is part of the project "With and For Girls", which is jointly realized by the Citizens’ Association "Atina" from Belgrade and the Youth Office from Kikinda. By the end of April, as announced, several similar activities will be organized in Kikinda.  


"With and For Girls" in Kikinda

“With and For Girls"

At the city square in Kikinda, a public action took place yesterday within the project “With and For Girls’’, which is being implemented by Citizens’ Association Atina from Belgrade and Youth Office from Kikinda. Members of the Youth Office, as well as the citizens, painted the canvas in different colors and in that way showed their symbolic support to women.

This action was also joined by the citizens who wanted to leave a creative message, or give support to their loved ones:


What a woman should do, is allowed to do, and can do


What a woman should do, is allowed to do, and can do

Marija DEDIC | January 17, 2019 11:24 

Attitudes of girls in Serbia on the position of women in society: Almost every other surveyor thinks a woman is completely accomplished only when she becomes a mother, while 81 percent of them believe that a mother should sacrifice for her children.


Parent’s sacrifice is expected even nowadays

A recent survey on the correlation between gender stereotypes and gender-based violence has shown that a significant number of women would neither leave their violent partner nor report violence.

Also, a great number of girls believe that the most important mission for a woman is to be fulfilled through a mother’s role and that her value is measured by her eagerness to sacrifice for her children and family.


Results of the Analysis on correlation between gender stereotypes and gender-based violence were presented

On December 20, 2018, the International Human Solidarity Day, at Journalists’ Association of Serbia NGO „Atina“ presented Survey and Analysis on correlation between gender stereotypes and gender-based violence as a part of the project „With and for the girls – Support to local Youth Offices in raising awareness in the area of gender equality“, with support of UNFPA – United Nations Population Fund.


Girls in Serbia – a voice that should be heard

During December 2018, NGO ATINA has continued with activities from the project “With and for girls” in cooperation with Youth Offices from Obrenovac, Jagodina, Novog Pazar, Kikinda and Vranje, though trainings/seminars/workshops on gender equality. The training was attended by high school girls interested in contributing to the improvement of position of girls and the promotion of gender equality in their respective communities with the support of Youth Offices. 


Atina and UNFPA in response to refugee women’s needs

Project „Local support to the most vulnerable refugees“ was carried out by NGO Atina in partnership with United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).

Atina’s response to women refugees’ needs is based on the activities of the mobile teams which have enabled maintaining a timely support system created three years ago, when refugee and migrant crisis expanded on the Balkan route. Thanks to the individual work, through urgent interventions in the field, counselling, and case management, the team has provided support to women and girls coming from the refugee and migrant population. 


“We have to be solidary, women understand each other best”

In project “Local support to the most vulnerable from the refugee population” that has been implemented with the support of United Nations Population Fund, mutual support and understanding of women are the framework of the activities carried out. 

“It is essential that we talk about this, it is important that we, women from other countries are familiar with our rights here, so that we can fight jointly and make space for ourselves”.