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Panel »Childhood in Serbia«: Poverty and side effects

Only 0,8 percent of women age 15 to 49 entered marriage before they were 15, while in Roma communities it mounts 16,9 percent. Moreover, it is estimated that around 0,2 percent of girls age 15 to 17 entered marriage before they were 15, while in case of girls from Roma communities that percentage equals 15,2 percent. Also, there is a visible disparity between women from general population and women from Roma community when it comes to the age of entering first marriage or common law marriage.


How the black bagel was born?

Bakery specialist Svetislav Isailovic - Buca, together with a colleague Milena Nikolic from Hyatt Regency Belgrade, visited our Bagel Bejgl shop. Buca used the opportunity to share baking tricks and help us improve our production - that is how the black bagel was "born". :)